Free SAT Prep: disruptor or innovator?

What does it take to be disruptive and/or innovative in the world of education?
One way is access. If we(educators and entrepreneurs) want to create a more equitable and just education system, there must be greater representation of all Americans in college.

Prepify was created to change the SAT Prep game for those who cannot afford the expensive programs and need easy access to SAT prep. We are going to provide a free and intuitive program for students to improve their scores and change their lives. College is for everyone and we are going to provide the tools to access it, now. Is this disruptive? Is this innovative?
Prepify believes we’ll be both. published their twelve most important disruptors of 2013, which included education of course, and argued Gene Wade was leading the charge with UniversityNow. He and the team are providing a 100% online college education at below market prices. Disruptive: yes. Innovative: yes.
What’s missing?

The NOW is missing. Yes, will change the future of post-secondary education, but what about my student that is preparing for the October SAT test? Shouldn’t she be as prepared as possible to access any school she wants with higher SAT scores.

It’s time to be honest with ourselves about the SAT: it matters. I taught public high school from Oakland to The Bronx, so I feel confident in my understanding of the high school to college process in urban communities. Only 36% of students from families without college-going traditions enroll in college immediately after high school graduation, those are deplorable numbers. Any additional assistance to a student’s application, like a higher SAT score, can be a game changer. So, what do we do for students that can’t cough up hundreds and thousands of dollars for test prep?

We at Prepify decided to create an app that lets students empower themselves. You probably don’t remember the last time you saw a teenager without a smartphone in hand. Let’s use the relationship(obsession?) to provide tools that can change lives. An intuitive app that guides the student through lessons toward higher and higher scores. Better SAT scores equals better universities equals unlimited opportunities.

Tell us what you think.